Run Theme: Race to Sustainability


In 2015 an extraordinary environmental  history was created –   economic growth and sustainability joined handsHenceforth sustainability is the current philosophy of how we live and how we do business.  In 2016 the greatest achievement will be made on Earth Day 2016 when world leaders will sign,   at the United Nations in New York, a climate  change treaty to commit  on the solutions to sustainability. 

We  know what’s at stake is the future of our planet and the survival of life on earth. We must now bring to the forefront how we will face  the tough issues  and do  what it takes to live sustainably. 

The 4th  Kuala Lumpur International Earth Day Run 2016  aims to bring together people who care and those who will take the lead as we must “ Race to Sustainability”.

THANK YOU for running at The 4th KL International Earth Day Run 2016. ! Thank for being part of the “RACE for SUSTAINABILITY”

To all participants – this is the race where winning is not everything but participation is- we are part of the world community celebrating The International Mother Earth Day 2016. We showed the world we care.

To all the winners congratulations!

To all our sponsors and supporters a big THANK YOU – your contribution have made the made the 4th KL International Earth Day Run 2016 possible. We appreciate your organizations as forward-thinking companies that which demonstrate that the business community can help create a sustainable future for society, the environment, the economy and business.

Organizer: AWE (Asia World Events)

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